Off Grid Houses

The advent of the energy crises in South Africa and the surge in energy prices has resulted in many homeowners looking at alternative sources of energy.

This 6.2KW solar system with 800ah battery system has taken this Limpopo family of the grid permanently.

Holiday Homes

This 3KW system in Swaziland supplies all the needs of the holday home – which although intermittent – are quite onerous – including a fridge, a pool pump and all lights

The key:- Reducing your load goes a long way to reducing the the size and cost of your solar system

Security, Alarm and CCTV Systems

This 1KW system takes a CCTV Highway monitoring system off Grid,  removes cost and complications of getting grid power to out of the way places. It also supplies uninterrupted and independent power to the system.


The energy crisis has not just caused prices to increase but has placed limits on the ability to supply basic services.  From small 20W LED DC Light Kits to large 3KW AC systems – we can  supply power to entire communities – house by house.

These Solar Homes Kits supply basic lighting to low and no income houses in Bushbuckridge Mpumalanga. Local skilled and unskilled labour was trained and used to install up to 200 systems per week. These trained locals now also perform a maintenance function. The end result is people previously in the dark (literally) now have access to light for studying and power for radios and cell phones – access to information.

Lodges and Safari Camps

Remote Game or Safari lodges are perfect recipients of the magic of Solar Power. They are silent, they are ecologially friendly and can save a ot of money when compared to running a generator continuously.

This lodge in Limpopo previously lived on generator power. The generator now rarely runs, with the 15 KW Solar system providing the majority of requirements.

The Battery supplies  a 3 day autonomy – while the system can automatically start the generator should it require assistance .

Schools and Clinics

Solar Power is versatile – not only can we design a suitable system for mobile schools as per  the 3KW Samsung Internet school here – but we can do the same for a permanent school or clinic or village – ANYWHERE.

This system supplies 3KW of power