Beacause a Grid tie system shuts down when it no longer sees mains power it makes sense to have a battery back-up system to supply power to loads that are critical …or if you are looking for absolute convenience – a battery back-up system that supports your whole load.

This 5 KW Grid tie system is configured to work in conjunction with the 600AH 48V battery. The Grid inverter supplies power to running loads – with excess going to battery charging.  During loadshedding the battery inverter takes over and supplies power to the house – the Grid inverter feeds  off the battery inverter and supplies power on an ongoing basis.

As long as there is sun and battery power  this client has power.

It is also possible to have the two systems operate seperately – with the grid inverter shutting down during load shedding – and having a small battery supply power to critical loads only



This 10KvA Victron Energy Storage System is fed from a 9.3KW solar array. This system is grid interactive and is essentially an off grid system that is backed -up by mains power. The 800Ah NXT battery is configured to discharge to 50% beofore automatically calling on mains power to assist. The system has the capability of taking you off grid entirely – if loading is managed effectively. It also has the capability of feeding excess power back into the grid.



Remote Game or Safari lodges are perfect recipients of the magic of Solar Power. They are silent, they are ecologially friendly and can save a ot of money when compared to running a generator continuously.

This lodge in Limpopo previously lived on generator power. The generator now rarely runs, with the 15 KW Solar system providing the majority of requirements.

The Battery supplies  a 3 day autonomy – while the system can automatically start the generator should it require assistance .



This 12 KW grid tie solar array runs independently of the battery – providing cost savings – while the battery back-up system provides power to critical loads during load shedding – allowing this manufacturing business to continue part of it’s operation during load shedding.