Grid Tie

Whether feeding back into the grid or supplying power directly to your load, our grid tied systems can lead to massive cost savings on your electricity bill.
Because there is no battery involved – grid tied solar systems are considerably more cost effective in certain applications than stand- alone solar systems.
We provide complete grid tied systems in Kit form and as custom designed solutions.

The more power you consume – the bigger the impact we can have!
But remember – Self Consumption is the key

Large and Small Factories and Businesses

Whether you are targeting the majority of your load or just a small portion – Grid Tie solar systems can lead to substantial savings.

This 450KW Grid tie system supplies an average of 1.9MW Hrs per day to a pharmaceutical company in Midrand.

Although by no means removing their entire load from the grid – certainly removing a large portion – with the associated cost savings.

Schools and Clinics

Solar Power is versatile – not only can we design a suitable system for mobile schools as per  the 3KW Samsung Internet school here – but we can do the same for a permanent school or clinic or village – ANYWHERE.

This system supplies 3KW of power