Even though the energy crisis is technically over reliability is still an issue in many areas. For peace of mind for the security of know you have power when others do not or merely for the sake of cnvenience – a battery back-up system will work for you from small too large requirements- we have a solution.

1KW plug and play system with 1.9KWH of back-up.
Plug it into the wall and plug your requirement straight into it.
The Inverter then manages outages automatically

2.5KW installed system – complete with bypass switch – supplying 3.8KWH of back-up.
It backs-up all the lights as well as 2x TVs

4.5KW installed system supplying  11,5KWH of back-up.
This system backs up the majority of the house – excluding only the stove, kitchen appliances and the Geyser – but including the fridge.