About SBS Solar

We carry a comprehensive range of solar panels to meet every requirement ....... from a 10w solar module to run your radio ...... to a 240W solar module to run part of your house. In addition, we have the latest solar controllers in our range as well as a comprehensive range of inverters to meet almost any requirement.
Many people find alternative energy in general and solar power in particular, confusing and complicated. The fact is ?a solar system requires the most expertise at the design stage ?with a bit of training, a properly designed solar system is relatively easy to run for the layman. This is what we, at SBS SOLAR, are aiming to do for you ?by giving you the right information and the right equipment ?we will put the power in your hands.
By visiting one of our qualified distributors you will be able to:

  1. Build your own small solar system to your requirements by using the information and components provided in store.
  2. Have us design more comprehensive systems for you ?by visiting one of our qualified distributors and giving them the right information.
  3. Choose a readymade solar kit
  4. Purchase individual solar panels
  5. Purchase state of the art solar controllers
  6. Select a suitable inverter for your requirements
  7. Purchase a home power system which you can grow as your requirements change